Pool Table Accessories

All The Pool Table Supplies You'll Ever Need

If you own a pool table, you're going to need pool table accessories and supplies to maintain and care for it. That's why PoolDawg carries a wide variety of billiards accessories and covers for your pool table.

We've got dozens of styles of leather pool table covers, pool ball racks and pool table brushes. If you're looking for pool table pockets, gulley boots, cushions and shims and other pool table parts, check out our pool table repair section. Shopping for pool balls? Check out hundreds of billiards ball sets in stock and ready to ship!

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Predator Aerorack - Black
Our Price $99.00
Predator Aerorack - White
Our Price $99.00
Kamui Vue Bridge Head
Our Price $39.95
Save 20%
Out of stock
Salotto TPSALS Top Spot
Our Price $5.45
Save 13%
APA Cue Ball
Our Price $7.75
Save 21%
Kamui Chalk Shark Magnetic Chalker- Original
Our Price $50.00
Save 17%
Out of stock
Predator Arcadia Select Pool Table Cloth
Our Price $200.00
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APA Magnetic Cue Ball
Our Price $16.75
Save 11%
Out of stock
PoolDawg Moosehead Bridge Head
Our Price $2.50
Save 37%
PoolDawg Perfect Rack
Our Price $19.99
Save 20%
Table Leg Shims
Our Price $0.95
Save 51%
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Rubber Feather Strip Set
Our Price $23.76
Save 9%
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Predator Arcadia Reserve Pool Table Cloth
Our Price $260.00
Out of stock
Eight Ball Mafia Chrome Skull Pocket Marker
Our Price $9.99
Save 20%
ProLine Classic 303 with Teflon Pool Table Cloth
Our Price $103.95
Save 13%
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