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Pool Cue Tip Tools

Pool Cue Tip Tools has every tool you'll ever need to manage and maintain your pool cues. Tip Piks, Porper Tip Tools, Cue Cubes, Sanders, Scuffers, Tip Tappers and more are all in stock and ready to ship. Whether its the popular Tip Pik, Cue Cube or any of our other tip tools, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  1. The ULTIM-8 Chalker

    The ULTIM-8 Chalker


    Our Price: $19.95

    Save 13%

    This isn't just any chalker, it's ULTiM-8! This pocket chalker is precisely machined from aluminum, features both nickel and dime radius shapers and a tip aerator that gets at even the hardest leather tips. Learn More

  2. Tip Stik Pocket Chalker and Tip Tool

    Tip Stik Pocket Chalker and Tip Tool


    Our Price: $14.95

    Save 12%

    This unique new spin on the traditional pocket chalker not only holds your chalk, but it also has a built in tip picker. The picker features almost 100 sharp steel needles that do an amazing job perforating and aerating your tip.

    Learn More
  3. B.A.T. Shaper

    B.A.T. Shaper


    Our Price: $18.00

    Save 20%

    The B.A.T. Shaper is a multi tip tool for you that can be used as a Bridge, Aerator and Tapper. This tool includes a Bridge Head that will fit mostly any cue, Nickel and Dime radius shaper and a tapper with nearly 100 sharp needles to rough and aerate your tip. The B.A.T. Shaper has a Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty (except the sandpaper inserts).

    Learn More
  4. B.A.T. Shaper Refills-Single Disk

    B.A.T. Shaper Refills-Single Disk


    Our Price: $0.50

    Save 33%

    Refills for the B.A.T. Shaper tip tool. Learn More

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