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Longoni Billiards

Longoni Billiards

Made in Italy, Longoni cues represent one of the most coveted and respected custom cue brands in the world. This closely held family company has been building cues since the end of World War II and continues to combine the best of classic cuemaking with new technology.

In addition to excellent pool cues, Longoni is also the exclusive distributor of the wildly popular Blue Diamond chalk and Da Vinci tips.

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  1. Flying Pig Pool Cue Tip

    Flying Pig Pool Cue Tip (Single)


    Our Price: $7.95

    Save 20%

    There's just something about seeing a pig with wings that always makes me chuckle. I know that the original idea behind the phrase "when pigs fly" was to say that something is so absurd that it simply cannot happen, but when it comes to these tips, I'm starting to think that pigs really can fly. Learn More

  2. Da Vinci Pool Cue Tip

    Da Vinci Pool Cue Tip (Single)


    Our Price: $12.50

    Save 17%

    From the same folks who bring you Blue Diamond chalk and Longoni custom pool cues, PoolDawg is proud to offer Da Vinci tips. Crafted from 5 layers of pigskin, Da Vinci pool cue tips do an excellent job holding chalk and providing a clean, consistent hit.

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  3. Fuji Pool Cue Tip

    Fuji Pool Cue Tip (Single)


    Our Price: $15.95

    Save 20%

    Made exclusively by Longoni (the guys who do Longoni cues and Blue Diamond chalk) Fuji pool cue tips are serious players in the premium tip category. Learn More

  4. Blue Diamond Chalk (Box of 2 Cubes)

    Blue Diamond Chalk (Box of 2 Cubes)


    Our Price: $6.95

    Save 13%

    Yep, this is the chalk you've been hearing so much about. No, not that redonkulous chalk that sells for 25 bucks a cube but the original high performance chalk - Genuine Blue Diamond chalk. Sure, it does happen to be a little more expensive than regular chalk but I think your game is worth the extra few bucks, don't you? Blue Diamond seems to hold better than other chalks, which decreases your miscues, which improves your game.

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  5. Longoni Pool Cue Extension

    Longoni Pool Cue Extension


    Our Price: $64.95

    Save 19%

    Considered by pool players around the globe as the best cue extender, the Longoni cue extension is a universal fit extender that will work with just about any pool cue. At 15.5" long, this is one of the longest extensions on the market and the handle was designed specifically to replicate the feel of a pool cue handle, eliminating the awkward feeling that comes with most cue extensions.

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