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Predator Uni-Loc® Joint Protector Male Only

Predator Uni-Loc® Joint Protector Male Only

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  • Predator Uni-Loc® Joint Protector Male Only


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This is a Uni-Loc® male only joint protector built to protect your Predator cue. A joint protector is an essential tool for keeping your cue’s collar and joint in good shape when your cue is broken down. This UNI male only Predator joint protector can help you to defend your prized Predator cue when in transport.


Due to Manufacturer's Restrictions we cannot ship Predator items to the following Countries: Australia, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Sweden and UAE. 


Size: Uni-loc®
Color: Black with Predator logo
Includes: 1 Male only

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