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Action Shaft Slicker

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Clean and smooth your shaft with the unique Action Shaft Slicker. Just rub the slicker over your shaft and you will immediately notice that it looks smoother and more polished. There is simply no easier way to give your prize possession a shine boost.


Size: 1 Shaft slicker
Use: Used to clean and smooth your shaft


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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        February 17, 2014

      Best $3 purchase I've made in a while

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    • This slicker works just as you would hope. Even wearing my glove my cue will start to get some grime on it. If I start to feel my cue tugging at my glove, I pull out the slicker and run it up and down the shaft a few times; moments later, my cue is sliding through my glove as though it was brand new again. This is also very nice for if your friend is using a house cue and the cue isn;'t sliding quite right. Last night my friend was using just such a cue, and after I ran the cue through the shaft slicker he was amazed at how much better his stroke felt. One of the guys I play with often uses Q-Silk and no glove or sometimes finger sleeves and he swears there is nothing better, but the slicker and glove combination has given me equally good results, and, in the long run, at a better price.

      I only gave this 4 stars though because there were quite a lot of loose threads hanging off of it when I got it. They pulled out of the weave pretty easily, so I don't think they were extremely important to the structural integrity of the slicker, just poor craftsmanship. Some of the seams are kind of ugly, but that is just aesthetics. Some color options would be nice, I do not necessarily require big flashy patterns, but this product could easily be offered in different colors. I would have gone with bright pink to help prevent my new slicker from going home with anyone without my consent.

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