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BCA Official Rule Book

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The BCA Official Rules & Records Book contains the World-Standardized Rules for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 14.1, One Pocket and many other popular games, along with fully illustrated schematics, diagrams and sketches. In addition, the book includes BCA Hall of Fame biographies, tournament results and records and instructional tips. Each year, the recordbook section of the publication grows to include the champions named from a wide range of major events, and you'll enjoy catching up on the most recent wins.


Format: Paperback


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        February 16, 2014

      Handy book

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    • This is a handy little book to have. Has all the rules, and also has specific rules for the most popular games and some lesser known ones.
      Sometimes the references can be a little bit confusing, as it will refer to another rule without specifying if it is referring to general pocket billiards rules, or specific rules for that game.
      It is also nice to have on hand as there are much less people willing to argue with a hard-copy book vs an internet resource. One guy I play with always insisted on a certain pattern of stripes and solids in the rack; I got the book and it clearly states the rules regarding the rack (a solid in one corner, stripe in the other, 8-ball in the center and a ball placed at the foot spot. All other balls placed randomly and without intent.), which was amusing for me because he is always so strict on the rules.

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