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Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots

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Bestselling author, Hall of Famer and master teacher Robert Byrne presents his most impressive effort yet: an exhaustive compendium of more than 350 pool shots that will take its place among the game's classic instructional books. Taking you from pool kindergarten through graduate school, this book includes diagrammed shots that are not widely known and in some cases are the secret of a lifetime. Players of every skill level will find their games enhanced with this book.


Binding: Paperback
Pages: 356


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        January 1, 2013

      so much to offer from this book

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    • Robert Byrne is my favorite author on pool. This book doesn't disappoint. When he writes he puts in little jokes, and comments that keep you drawn in and attentive.
      I found the chapters being separted into shot application an easy way to go straight into a shot type you want to drill. Some diagrams go over simple application, and some border on trick shot status. Byrne even admits some shots are long shots, and you should be looking at the concept for position play.
      Robert Byrne has a strong background in three cushion billiards. So if your looking for ways to get around the table better you found it. There is only a small section on shot selection, and strategies on eightball and nineball. Though there is a section where ten shots to drill for perfect position are offered.
      This book has a wealth of knowledge. Getting may of these shots to work can be frustrating. If I was a beginner looking for a book to start with I would start with byrnes "Standard book of pool" before I jumped into Complete book of pool shots. The
      concepts in this book are more for intermediate and advanced players. Otherwise prepare to drill alot and be frustrated.

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