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Joe Tucker's Guaranteed Improvement Book and DVD Set

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Joe Tucker's Guaranteed Improvement Book and DVD set contains 10 effective drills all based on 100 point scoring system that helps to keep practice competitive and the player motivated.

This book is easy to carry and the spiral-binding allows it to lay flat on the table while you train. It also gives techniques for dealing with distractions. This book is not for beginners.


Binding: Paperback
Pages: 80
Includs: CD


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        November 22, 2010

      Better than a poke in the eye

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    • In my quest to get better I have purchased several training programs. While Joe Tucker does have some good fundimentals this tends to be a formal copy of every practice drill floating around the pool hall. It does help to refresh my memory but for the most part their are better programs that will teach you more. If you are looking for ideas on practice drills then this might just be the ticket.

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