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Moori Pool Cue Tip (Single)

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Japanese Moori tips are among the most popular tips on the market for their quality and price. Moori tips are made with 9 layers of pigskin and feature a laminated tip.

Quantity: Tips are sold individually
Hardness level: Available in Soft, Medium and Hard
Sizes available: 14mm
Density Score: 72.8-Soft, 75.5-Med and 84.4-Hard


Size: 14mm Leather
Hardness: Soft, Medium and Hard
Hardness Score: 72.8-Soft, 75.5-Med and 84.4-Hard
Tips per Box: 1
Materials: 9 Layers of Pigskin


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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        February 25, 2014

      Good Tip

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    • Rank: Rookie

    • Slapped this tip on my cue after I wore out my last Kamui M. This tip plays well, went with a Soft, it loves to mushroom, having said that, it plays so much better when the layers are compressed tighter. Every time I take a tip burnisher to it to smooth out the mushrooming, temporarily I might add, the tips doesn't play as well until it get worked back in. I think I'm just going to let it get good and compressed and get my guy to just shave the edge. Overall a great controllable tip. **MAKE SURE YOU BUY THESE FROM SOMEONE REPUTABLE LIKE THIS COMPANY, THERE ARE MANY FAKES OUT THERE**

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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        December 30, 2012

      worth the hype

    • By - See All My Reviews
    • Rank: Hustler

    • The Moori medium tip is the tip I play with. I love it. The two I have used have lasted a long time. They retain shape well, and only really wear down from scuffing and reshaping to hold chalk. Witch seems to be periodically because it goes back to a glassy sheen if you like to give a good stroke to the ball. Your best friend is going to become a tip pik or tapper. I found it hard to get them to stay on the cue. I want to try a Ferrule leveling tool and probably use super glue gel to get it to stick to my viking again. Slighlty scuff the flat ferrule and the side of the moori labeled to be glued down make sure they stay flat though. Otherwise frustrating trying to get the tip to stay on my cue. You live and you learn.
      I have only tried to play with the morri medium, but the medium tip plays like most other tips hards. I have played with a le pro to this and its apples to oranges. I feel like my morri lasted longer than my buffalo tip, and has a harder hit.
      If you like your hard tips morri tips are going to make you happy.

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    • ( 1 of 1 people found this review helpful.)

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        January 10, 2012

      Great Tips

    • By - See All My Reviews
    • Rank: World Beater

      Top 10 Reviewer

    • Over the years I've tried different brands, some layered, some not. The Moori's always keep me coming back, they're a great buy. Very consistent hit anywhere on the tip and it's easy to use accurate sidespin with these.

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      • Currently 1/5 Stars.
        January 1, 2012

      Do not buy

    • By - See All My Reviews
    • Rank: Rookie

    • I bought this product at the time of buying my cue stick from pooldawg and had them to instal the tip. After playing 10 games and NOT USING IT FOR A BREAK CUE, the tip came off. I called customer service, they agreed to refund my money and told me that they were having a problem with this particular tip. I am very disappointed, I have had the tip replaced locally.

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    • ( 1 of 1 people found this review helpful.)

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        April 1, 2011

      Moori Medium Cue Tip

    • By - See All My Reviews
    • Rank: Banger

    • In my opinion the Moori Medium Cue Tip is one of the best you can buy.

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      • Currently 3/5 Stars.
        February 22, 2011


    • By - See All My Reviews
    • Rank: Hustler

    • You could get a softer tip for a dollar or two but I wanted to try the layered tip once again. I had great results with this tip before on another stick. I also remember that one of the layers came off after it had been on the stick a long time. That could also be because I had this tip on a low-end stick that I kept in the trunk along with the cold / hot climate changes that comes with. I am sure you get better results with a nickle radius with this tip.

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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        November 2, 2010

      Best Tip on Market

    • By - See All My Reviews
    • Rank: Hustler

    • Layered pig skin is the best for holding shape and holding chalk. Requires little maintenance. Very consistent density and great ball control. Oversized and flat on top so significant shaping is required to install. Recommend lathe or experience with extreme patience if installed by hand.

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