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Retractable Pool Cue Chalker

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This stylish retractable chalker will make sure you always have your chalk close by while showing your opponents your passion for 8 ball. Featuring a strong retractable cord, just clip the 8 ball to your pocket and pull the chalk whenever you need to rechalk.


Use: Retractable Chalker
Color: Black with 8 Ball Logo
Features: Nylon retractable cord with clip


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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        December 21, 2012

      Great idea but be careful...

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    • I love the retractable feature of this product. They major downfall though is that the string WILL wear quickly and break. I have had more than two break on me. I do however, PLAY A LOT OF POOL THOUGH. Do not abuse this one.

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      • Currently 3/5 Stars.
        March 2, 2012

      What I think about It

    • By - See All My Reviews
    • Rank: Rookie

    • got this A week ago and I don't like it, the reason is because the chalk will get on your cloths whenever you play. So I m thinking about trading this one in for the better one that's on this site.

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      • Currently 3/5 Stars.
        October 22, 2011

      Great, but design flaw

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    • Rank: Rookie

    • At first this thing is cool because it's a chalker that retracts, but over time the string will weaken and snap from use.

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