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Pool Cues

Pool Cues

Over 1,000 Pool Cues by Category

With over 1,000 pool cues from the most respected cue makers in the billiards industry, PoolDawg is your authoritative resource for all your billiards needs. Our cue sticks range in price from around 20 bucks to $1,000 and beyond, so regardless of your skill level, we've got the cue for you. Whether you need a beginner's level or starter cue from Action, a low deflection, high performance cue from Lucasi and Predator or even a one of a kind, custom pool cue, we have what you're looking for.

Among the 40+ brands we carry are: Scorpion, Lucasi, McDermott, Meucci, Predator, Outlaw torch branded pool cues, Joss cues and Schon custom cues. You can either browse our cue sticks by category below or browse our pool cues by brand. As always, if you have any questions, just give us a call at 866-843-3294.

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  1. Joss JOS12 Pool Cue - Certified Pre-Owned

    Joss JOS12 Pool Cue - Certified Pre-Owned


    Our Price: $490.00

    Save 24%


    Certified Pre-Owned Score Card

    Cue Part Score Notes
    Tip: 6 Chalked with Minimal Use, Cleaned
    Ferrule: 6 Reminisce of Chalk
    Shaft: 6 Straight, Slightly Used
    Joint: 6 Unnoticeable Use
    Butt: 6 Like New
    Grade 6.8 Chalked, Cleaned, New Condition

     This Joss JOS04 Pool Cue was returned and refurbished by our cue repair department.  It is in mint condition, but has been chalked. The cue is a currently a 19oz however if you prefer a different weight, we will be more then happy to change it for you. You can make notes or give us a call.  If you have any questions about this or any of the products we sell, just give us a call at 866-843-3294!

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  2. Joss JOS16 Birdseye Maple with Four Ebony points Pool Cue

    Joss JOS16 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $425.00

    Save 15%

    Since 1968, Joss has created outstanding pool cues with high performance and a traditional look, and the Joss JOS16 stick is no exception. Birdseye Maple on the forearm incorporates four ebony points with a notched diamond mother of pearl inlay. Ebony used on the sleeve integrates six Birdseye Maple windows and three notched diamond mother of pearl inlays.

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  3. Joss JOS07 holly inlays Pool Cue

    Joss JOS07 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $403.75

    Save 15%

    The first thing you will notice on the Joss JOS07 cue is how the notched, diamond shaped white holly inlays seem to jump off the cue when laid next to ebony and Birdseye Maple on the forearm and sleeve. Eight diamond shaped cocobolo inlays also adorn the sleeve, and a black and white Irish linen wrap completes the look.

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  4. Joss JOS67 curly maple with black ash points Pool Cue

    Joss JOS67 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $459.00

    Save 15%

    The Joss JOS67 pool cue is a true beauty to behold and an excellent example of Joss' mission to preserve the values of old-time cue making. The butt of this cue is crafted with a variety of gorgeous woods, including curly maple, black ash, Brazilian bloodwood, ebony and holly. Learn More

  5. Joss JOS44 Pool Cue

    Joss JOS44 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $420.75

    Save 15%

    In the case of the new JOS44, it's all about maple and ebony. The forearm features curly maple along with traditional ebony points and pearlite diamond inlays. The sleeve is straight ebony with two sets of double silver rings and more inlaid pearlite. If you like classic designs, you'll seriously dig this pool cue.

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