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  • Elite Heavy 27oz Banned Break Cue

    Elite Heavy 27oz Banned Break Cue

    The #1 Best Selling Break Cue at PoolDawg!

    We hear it over and over again. Pool players always want to know how to get a stronger break. They want more power and more action. If you can handle it, the answer for you may just be the new Elite "Heavy" Break Cue. This new breaker generates power through its massive weight. Rather than weighing just 20oz or 21oz, the Heavy weighs in at approximately 27oz, making it one of the heaviest breakers on the market.

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  • Predator IK201 IKON 2 Straight grain maple with high gloss black finish Pool Cue

    Predator IK201 IKON 2 Pool Cue

    What we've got here is the base model 2nd Generation Ikon. Straight grain maple, black stain, Luxe leather wrap and of course the 314 shaft that comes standard on every IKON pool cue. Very sleek look and it will get the job done!

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    Action Impacts IMP27 Pool Cue

    Gentlemen, start your engines! The new Impacts IMP27 pool cue by Action is heavily inspired by the speed racer in all of us, featuring a black and white checkered flag style design with accents of zebra wood throughout the forearm and sleeve.
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