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Outlaw Cues at PoolDawg

There's a new sheriff in the billiards industry and its name is Outlaw. Introduced in 2006, Outlaw pool cues have quickly become one of our most popular brands. With a style that brings back the spirit of Wild Bill, Calamaty Jane, Deadwood and the Black Hills, Outlaw cues are unlike any other pool cue on the market.

What really makes Outlaw stand out from the crowd are the designs. With most pool cues, you get traditional inlays or overlays. With Outlaw, the unique barbed wire designs are actually branded into the wood and given a blowtorch finish. In addition, every cue also features a steel butt plate with the word Outlaw etched into the steel.

Not only are Outlaw cues unique in design, but they also feature high quality materials for added value. Each Outlaw cue features a high quality stainless steel joint to match the stainless steel etched butt plate. In addition, Outlaw cues all feature beautiful saddle leather wraps instead of irish linen.

Like the cues, only the highest quality materials and manufacturing is used in the production of the Outlaw cases. This 2 butt 4 shaft case is made by Instroke is constructed with high quality leather, lined PVC tubing, detailed riveting and is available in brown, rust or a brown/rust mix. The case also features the branded spade and barbed wire design making it a perfect match with the Outlaw cues.

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