The Color of Money Pool Cue

Posted by : PoolDawg Staff

In 1986, pool hustler "Fast" Eddie Felson returned to the silver screen after 25 years to mentor Vincent Lauria, a pool player that reminds him of himself. Early on in the film, The Color of Money, Fast Eddie shows Vincent a pool cue that they both refer to as a Balabushka.

While this cue is a beautiful and extraordinary cue, it is not a true Balabushka but rather it is in fact a cue made by Joss Cues. While it is not known why they used a Joss instead of a true Balabushka, most feel that the logical reason behind this is that original Balabushka cues are so rare that they are too valuable to be used during filming and risk damage.

Instead of using a true Balabushka, Joss created a pool cue for the film that was a homage to the original Balabushka cues. Featuring classic ebony points and mother of pearl inlays the Joss N7 model cue continues to be among the best selling cues in the Joss line some 20+ years after its original introduction.

PoolDawg is proud to carry the Joss N7 "Color of Money" Pool Cue along with over 30 other Joss models.

The Color of Money Pool Cue