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Lucasi Pool Cues

Lucasi Pool Cues
If you're after one of the best pool cues in existence, any cue from the Lucasi Lucasi L-2004NB - Lucasi Natural Stain Blue Marble Inlays Pool Cue Stickline will fit the bill perfectly. These are cues designed for serious players who don't mind spending a bit of extra money for a high quality cue. However, when you shop for Lucasi cues at, you can get one of the best cues ever made at a very affordable price.

At, one of the most popular Lucasi cues we sell is the Sneaky Pete, which is considered by many to be a top-quality cue. The Lucasi Sneaky Pete features understated good looks thanks to its elegant dual-stained Birdseye maple shaft and ebony inlays. It also has a Uni-Loc quick release joint for quick assembly.

Another popular Lucasi cue at is the Lucasi Natural Stain cue. This cue's forearm and sleeve are crafted from natural stained BirdseyeLucasi L2000SP - Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick maple, and both feature a high gloss finish. A white-speckled Irish linen wrap provides a comfortable surface to grip the cue and line up your shots. This cue also integrates a triangle tip, Ivorine III ferrule, and a Uni-Loc quick release joint. These features work together seamlessly to provide users with a versatile, strong, and attractive cue.

The Sneaky Pete and Natural Stain Lucasi cues are just two of the many cues we stock at We also have many other Lucasi cues at other price points for casual play or more serious billiards games. If you choose to order a cue from, we include free shipping and a complimentary gift. We also offer outstanding customer service, so don't hesitate to call 866-THE-DAWG or email us at if you have any queries about Lucasi cues.

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