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McDermott Pool Cues

Mcdermott Pool Cues
Since 1975, McDermott has been crafting its first-rate pool cues in the United States. All of McDermott's American-made cues feature three-piece construction, which offer users consistently straight shots for the lifetime of the product. They also feature hand-glued precision-milled inlays and rings crafted within .001 of an inch for a strong and secure fit. In addition, McDermott is one of the few companies that offers a Lifetime Guarantee against cue warping and manufacturer defects, making it an extremely attractive and risk free purchase.

One of the most elegant yet affordable cues in the McDermott line is the Genesis Titanium pool cue. This cue's forearm and sleeve are crafted from black-stained maple, which has a gleaming and sophisticated appearance. The cue's wood-to-wood joint provides players with clean and hard shots, and its leather tip offers exceptional ball control during play. In addition, McDermott cues are guaranteed for a lifetime to remain straight and free of warps or bends.

At, a popular McDermott cue choice with our customers is the Harley Davidson cue. This cue is much like one of the motorcycles in the Harley Davidson line: it's elegant, strong, and features classic good looks. This particular McDermott cue features ebony-stained hardrock maple overlaid with the Harley Davidson logo and eagle on the sleeve, and the Harley name and eagle on the forearm. Looks aren't everything, though. This two-piece cue will provide you with solid and accurate hits again and again--this is by no means a novelty cue.

These are just two examples of McDermott cues that we carry at, so we encourage you to visit our website to see the rest. McDermott cues are ideal for all types of players thanks to their high quality construction and affordable prices. If you'd like a bit of help determining which McDermott cue is right for your style of play, call us at 866-THE-DAWG or send an email to for advice from one of our seasoned pool pros.

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