A Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath DVD Set

A Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath DVD Set

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It's all here. Renowned PBIA billiards instructor Jerry Briesath blends his easy-going style, demonstrations from himself and World Class Player and Master Instructor, Mark Wilson (one of Jerry's students) plus easy to understand graphics to help players at all skill levels benefit from what he's learned and taught for many decades.

  • The Fundamentals: Stance, grip, bridge, stroke, break and aim
  • Managing the Cue Ball: Spin, tangent lines, speed trade-off, position
  • Banking and Kicking: Making it all make sense
  • Drills: Fun games and simple tricks to quickly improve your game

Wondering what Jerry's teaching style is like? Check out this video where Jerry talks a bit about aiming strategies:


Includes: 3 disc DVD