The pool cues in this section are all either gently used or have some sort of blemish or change from the original specs. Most of the time these conditions will not affect the play-ability of the cue but since they aren't perfect we can't sell them as a "new" product. Instead, we apply an appropriate level of additional discount based off the conditions and offer them up for sale here on this page!

All of the "Used" pool cues that we get back are returned as part of our 60 Day Satisfaction guarantee (so really minimal use is what you can expect). We get them cleaned up, thoroughly examined and graded so you can see EXACTLY what the story is in the descriptions found on the product pages. Some other scenarios for these cues are if we mess up on an engraving (which gets whipped out on the lathe) or if we do a tip change that gets canceled before we ship it out. Regardless, you can find some real gems-of-a-deal in this section!

If you get one of these cues you have 7 Days to examine and play with the cue. During that time, if you find any reason why you are not 100% satisfied you can contact us to arrange to send it back for a full refund or exchange. You will NOT be stuck with it if you are not happy and that is GUARANTEED! Remember, every Certified Pre-Owned pool cue, shaft, and case in this clearance section is its own unique special. If you see one you like, you better jump on it! If you don’t someone else might buy it up first.

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MCDERMOTT SLEDGEHAMMER BREAK CUE CPQ1772 / New / small tapper in ferrule
Our Price $378.25
Save 15%
Scorpion SCO21 19oz Pool Cue CPQ1774 / Chalked/ Tiny mark on ferrule/ Like new
Our Price $188.00
Save 20%
Viking VIK226 Pool Cue CPQ1773 / New w/Defect
Our Price $244.00
Save 20%
Viking VIK452 Pool Cue CPQ1771 / Chalked/ barely used/light scratches on collar
Our Price $460.00
Save 20%
Action Impact IMP20 CPQ1775/ Lightly Used/ light scuffs on butt
Our Price $119.20
Save 20%
Meucci MESPN Pool Cue CPQ1736/ Chipped butt and slightly dented shaft
Our Price $315.00
Save 30%
Meucci MESPN Pool Cue CPQ1682/ Tip change & Lightly Used
Our Price $340.00
Save 24%
Elite Big & Tall Cue (62") ELBT01 CPQ1692 /Lightly Used, Defect
Our Price $182.58
Save 35%
Meucci MEHOF06 Pool Cue CPQ1744 / Like New, Tip Change
Our Price $782.40
Save 20%
Lucasi Custom LZD1 Pool Cue CPQ1740 / New, Wrap Change
Our Price $411.87
Save 20%
McDermott G222 Pool Cue CPQ1680 / Used
Our Price $322.50
Save 25%
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