Looking for an EXTRA special deal on the top name brand pool cue performance shafts? We aren't able to offer additional discounts on NEW ones but we can get you a GREAT DEAL on our gently used stock! Need a backup pool cue shaft for your favorite pool cue? Well in this section you can find the top of the line models, most of which are as good as new, at a significantly lower price!

How is that possible?  Why do these deals seem too good to be true?

So, you know how we have that sweet 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee that even includes chalked pool cues and shafts? Well, we want to make sure you’re happy so when a product doesn’t work out for whatever reason, we take it back so you aren’t stuck with something that you don’t like. When that happens, the used products don’t go back into stock. Instead, we clean them up, put them through a thorough examination (grades and descriptions can be seen on the product pages) and then offer them on Certified Pre-owned Page with an extra discount!

You can find some real gems-of-a-deal on clearance shafts in this section! If you’re in the market for a whole pool cue or other products at an extra discount click here to visit our full billiard clearance section.

REMEMBER, every Certified Pre-Owned pool cue shaft in this clearance section is its own unique special. If you see one you like you better jump on it! If you don’t someone else might buy it up first.

Please note that with the gently used pool cue shafts manufacturer warranties do not apply. You do, however, have 7 days from the time you received your package to inspect and try out your shaft.  If you are unhappy with it for any reason during that 7 day period, just contact us to send it back for an exchange or refund!

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Summit SUMXS1 CT/SCO CPS1394 - Used With Chalk Residue
Our Price $169.15
Save 15%
Cuetec Cynergy Carbon 11.8mm Shaft 3/8 X 10  CPS1403 / Like new/ chalked
Our Price $359.20
Save 20%
McDermott Defy Carbon Fiber Shaft - 12mm 3/8x10 CPS1401 /  small nicks on ferrule, tip change
Our Price $378.25
Save 15%
Jacoby JCBKW1 Kielwood 12.75 uni-loc Shaft CPS1420/ Tip Upgrade
Our Price $297.50
Save 15%
Out of stock
Cuetec AVID 12.75 Shaft. 3/8 x 14 CPS1402/ slight tapper in ferrule/tip upgrade
Our Price $107.20
Save 20%
Peachauer JPCF4 rouge speed joint (Piloted) CPS1395
Our Price $462.60
Save 6%
Jacoby Carbon Fiber Shaft 5/16x14 CPS1400 /Lightly Used/tip change
Our Price $403.75
Save 15%
Katana KATXS3 Uni-Loc Shaft CPS1421 / Tip Upgrade/ small chip on pilot
Our Price $295.20
Save 20%
Katana KATXS1 30" Uni-Loc Shaft CPS1236 / Taper Deviation
Our Price $175.00
Save 46%
Jacoby Carbon Fiber Shaft Uni Loc CPS1360 /Lightly Used
Our Price $403.75
Save 15%
Viking Siege VIKQuick Release Carbon Fiber Shaft CPS1393 / Tip Change
Our Price $399.20
Save 20%
Spartan Victory Carbon Fiber 12.75mm 5/16x14 CPS1383 / Lightly Used Ferrule Replaced
Our Price $375.25
Save 5%
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Katana KATXS3 3/8x14 Shaft CPS633 /Taper Deviation, Lightly Used
Our Price $202.30
Save 30%
Predator 314-3 Shaft Uni-Loc CPS1362 / Lightly Used
Our Price $322.05
Save 5%
Summit SUMXS1 Shaft 3/8x10 CPS1326 / Like New
Our Price $159.20
Save 20%
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All pool cue shafts for sale listed in this section are Certified Preowned.  What does that mean?  Well I'm glad you asked!  Although these are all used pool cue shafts, they go through a four-point inspection where we review and grade the condition of the tip, ferrule, shaft and collar.  The results of this grading and inspection process can be seen in the overall and detailed rating grade.

Please note that with all used pool cue shafts, you have 7 days from the time you received your package to try out your shaft.  If you are unhappy with it for any reason during that 7 day period, just contact us for an exchange or refund!