Pool Room Air Freshener 3-Pack

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Pool Room Air Freshener 3-Pack

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Let’s set the scene: You walk into a pool room. It’s dark and humid. You hear the piercing crack of pool balls over the dull murmur of conversation and the distant hum of Sabbath from the jukebox in the corner. The tile floor feels sticky beneath your feet as you inhale sharply through you nose and take it all in. There’s just something about that smell that feels peaceful, nostalgic, comforting.

Don’t you wish you could bottle up those smells and take them home with you? Well, now you can! Introducing the first ever Pool Room Air Fresheners from PoolDawg. After years of research, we’ve developed a 3-pack of the most popular scents that remind you of pool. We have:
Smoky Pool Room – Even though you haven't been able to smoke in your pool hall in years, it still manages to smell like the ashes of a thousand cigarette butts. This 8-Ball shaped air freshener gives off just the right amount of that vaguely chemical smoke scent. Perfect for cars.

Stale Beer – We don’t recommend using this one in your car because, y’know, DUIs. But, there’s almost no smell more synonymous with a pool hall than that sickly sweet smell of cheap, stale beer. That’s why the floor is so sticky, we hope.

The Hustler – Probably our favorite scent in the pack, this air freshener combines essences of chalk, whiskey, Old Spice, BO, and desperation, with just a hint of cheap cigar. When you smell The Hustler, you can almost hear him whisper “Do you like to gamble, Eddie? Gamble money on pool games?”

These air fresheners are very limited and also very fake, so pretend to get yours today! Happy April Fools from your friends at PoolDawg!


Additional Information

April Fools
Size: Kinda small, I guess?
Use: For smells, I guess?
Weight: Pretty light, I guess?
Material: Cardboard, I guess?
Shape: 8-Ball, Beer Bottle, Classic Hustler
What? Happy April Fools!
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