Pro Skills Drills Set - Kick and Bank Drills

Pro Skills Drills Set - Kick and Bank Drills

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Pro Skills Drills Book - Kicks and Banks Drills is the 6th in a series of training books from BCA Hall of Famer Nick Varner and Dominic "The Drill Instructor" Esposito. This Book contains 54 ONE POCKET Practice Session Drills! These are the most basic to advanced shots you need to play One Pocket. World Champion Nick Varner says,

"These are the shots that come up over and over, game after game." Plus, the DVD has a bonus section on how to think when you're playing through the rack. If you play One Pocket, this is a must have.

Includes both a book and DVD.


Book: Spiral-Bound Paperback
DVD: 3+ Hours