Black Machine Tip Tool

Black Machine Tip Tool

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Introducing our Black Machine tip tool, a must-have accessory for every serious pool player. This tip tool is crafted from heavy-duty cast metal, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability. With its multi-use design, it offers a range of essential functions to keep your cue tip in top shape. The tip pick allows you to effectively remove chalk and debris, while the nickel and dime radius scuffers help you shape and maintain the perfect tip curvature. The built-in sander ensures a smooth and even surface, and the tip burnisher helps you achieve optimal cue ball control. With this comprehensive tip tool, you'll have everything you need to maintain your cue's tip for consistent performance.


Color: Black
Includes: Nickle Radius Shaper, Dime Radius Shaper, scuffer, and burnisher all in one tool