Athena ATH56 Pool Cue

Athena ATH56 Pool Cue

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Picture this: you're standing at the edge of a pool table, holding a cue that's unlike any other. The design is a sugar skull, adorned with intricate details that make it seem like a work of art. As you line up your shot, you can't help but feel a little more confident - like this cue is your secret weapon. With each stroke, the skull seems to come to life, cheering you on as you sink ball after ball. You can't help but smile as you realize that this isn't just a cue, it's a statement piece.


Tip: 13mm 7 Layered Boar Skin Tip
Ferrule: 1" Fiber Linen
Shaft: 29" Hardrock Maple, 10-12" Pro Taper
Collar: Black Collar with Silver Ring
Pin: 5/16x18
Piloted: Yes
Forearm: Black with 4 Purple Points and Silver Ring
Rings: Silver
Wrap: Black Linen Wrap
Sleeve: Black with Green, Pink, and Purple Kaleidoscope Skull
Plate: Black with Silver
Bumper: Action Plug Bumper - BUMPACT
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Action Weight Bolt