Let's face it.  No one likes dirty balls.  When you try and play pool with a set of dirty billiards balls, you end up with bad rolls (not to mention the fact that it's just downright embarrassing).

PoolDawg is proud to carry the BallStar pool ball cleaner as well as all the accessories and supplies you'll need for regular upkeep.  Keep 'em clean, guys.  Keep 'em clean.

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BallStar Drum Rubber Set
Our Price $63.95
Save 20%
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BallStar Replacement Pads
Our Price $0.00
Out of stock
Ballstar 6 Blade Impeller
Our Price $69.95
Save 22%
Out of stock
BallStar Nozzle Pad
Our Price $19.95
Save 13%
Out of stock
Ballstar Liquid Ball Cleaner
Our Price $29.95
Save 14%
Ballstar Lid Assembly
Our Price $54.40
Save 15%
Out of stock
Ballstar 8 Blade Impeller
Our Price $69.95
Save 13%
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BallStar Injector Bottle
Our Price $8.85
Save 17%
Out of stock
BallStar Pool Ball Cleaner
Our Price $525.00
Save 12%
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