Dr. Dave's Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball Vol. 3

Dr. Dave's Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball Vol. 3

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Safety shots are crucial in 8-ball. With Dr. Dave's Volume 3 of his Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball, you will get over an hour of useful hints and strategies regarding defensive, offensive, safety replies and ball in hand options that arise during game play. We know we can trust what Dr. Dave says especially when Tom Simpson says "If you are an 8-ball player and you're tired of taking beatings, this is the answer. I don't care how well you play or how much you think you know, you'll learn more than you bargained for. This 5-DVD series contains 274 knowledge-packed minutes of solid, useful material for 8-ball players. This is not baby stuff. Lots of depth and strategic insight. Old timers will learn some terrific things here too. And just to be safe, watch disk 3 several times. Get these videos and stop giving away so many 8 Ball games."


Format: DVD
Runtime:                                1 hour  1minute