Eight Ball Mafia EBMC22O Hard Case

Eight Ball Mafia EBMC22O Hard Case

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The EBMC22O is a 2 butt and 2 shaft hard case. The case is black with white slash marks from the sickle being held by our old friend the Grim Reaper. He's peeking over the small accessory pocket with the Eight Ball Mafia logo above his head. Also a large pocket big enough to carry your jump handle. C'mon and join the Mafia.


Colors: Black
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Top Pocket: 6" Long x 3.75" Wide
Bottom Pocket: 14" Long x 3.75" Wide
Base: 6.5" Wide with black plastic feet
Length: Case Length is 33.5"  Fits up to 30" Shaft
Structure: Poured Rubber Mold Casing
Lining: Felt
Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
Butt: Butt Inserts either direction
Strap: 1" Wide Vinyl Strap
Weight: 2.10 LBS
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer