Jacoby JCBJMP Custom Jump Cue

Jacoby JCBJMP Custom Jump Cue

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Jump shots are tricky if you don’t have the right jump cue on hand. Jacoby is no stranger to the game of pool and with a 13mm G10 tip and special finger groove for ‘darting’, this JCBJMP cue is ready to help you jump with ease and precision. The other bonus on this Jacoby Custom Cues JCBJMP is that it also features a bell at the end of the jump handle if you prefer a more stroke jump shot than a dart… meaning more punch and pop back versus full stroke jumping.


Tip: 13mm G10
Ferrule: 3/4" Brass
Shaft: 29" Hardrock Maple Conical Taper 
Collar: None
Pin: Radial
Piloted: No
Jump Handle: Black stained Curly Maple with etched "JUMPER by Jacoby" in silver 
Jump Handle Length:  13.5"
Jump Handle Weight: 3.3oz
Total Weight: 8.6oz
Total Length: 41"
Bumper: Black rubber plug
Warranty: Lifetime
Weight Adjustable: Yes - the jump handle can be weight changed