Lucasi L2000JC Jump Cue

Lucasi L2000JC Jump Cue

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Jumping can be one of the most difficult billiards skills to master. It takes a combination of patience, power, precision and the proper tools. If you have those first three things down and you’re still struggling with that aspect of your game, you should take a look at the Lucasi L2000JC.

This cue is designed with only one operation in mind – executing perfect jump shots. It’s constructed from a piece of solid Hardrock maple and it features some really nice classic green points. It also features a 14mm shaft with an extra hard composite tip and a joint protector for the butt that’s made specifically to keep it from falling into your case.


Tip: Super Hard Bakelite 
Ferrule: 1/4" XTC High Impact Fiber 
Shaft: Hardrock Maple
Butt: 4 Piece Cue Butt Construction, Hardrock Maple with Cocobolo Points
Wrap: None
Sleeve: Maple with green points
Length: 41.25"
Total Weight: Approximately 8.5oz
Warranty: Lifetime