Predator Throne 3-4 Snakewood Pool Cue

Predator Throne 3-4 Snakewood Pool Cue

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Prepare to be enthralled by the resolute power and captivating allure of the Snakewood Predator cue. Crafted with unwavering precision, its snakewood body exudes an air of untamed might. Within its embrace, Cocobolo entwines with Curly Maple and Micarta, their fusion an explosive testament to strength and elegance. Behold the unyielding presence of Micarta points, adorning both forearm and sleeve, channeling the very essence of determination. The relentless pursuit of victory is aided by the fierce Predator Victory tip, ensuring each strike is a testament to dominance. Clasp the leather luxe wrap, its embrace offering unparalleled control, while the triple rose gold ringed butt plate serves as a testament to unwavering ambition. This cue beckons those who seek the pinnacle of intensity, immersing them in a realm of power, precision, and unwavering resolve.

Due to Manufacturer's Restrictions we cannot ship Predator items to the following Countries: Australia, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Sweden and UAE.


Tip: Predator Victory Tip
Shaft: You Choose!
Collar: Stainless Steel
Pin: Uni-Loc Quick-Release
Piloted: Yes
Forearm: Cocobolo inlayed with Curly Maple and Micarta points
Rings: Triple Rose Gold
Wrap: Leather Luxe Wrap
Sleeve: Cocobolo inlayed with Curly Maple and Micarta
Bumper: Black rubber
Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Predator P3 Weight Bolt