Predator Roadline Sneaky Pete Pool Cues

Predator has just released two brand new Limited Edition Roadline Series pool cues to go along with the EIGHT models of Sneaky Pete’s from earlier this year. The Limited Editions have the Uniloc Radial joint (Uniloc Quick Release on the others) but otherwise match up well with the style of the production Roadlines. All of the pool cues in this series feature exotic woods and colored veneers giving a health dab of stunning to top off the classic four and eight point designs typical of an unassuming “hustler” stick. These pool cues comes with your choice of the third generation 314 or Z-Shaft (please specify when ordering or give us a call at 866-843-3294).

Also new for 2017 are the Roadline cases so you can match up your not so sneaky pete with a matching and stylish case. These gorgeous cues and cases aren’t going to fool anyone but because they’re made by Predator you can be sure that they are engineered for matters most – winning!

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