Pure X HXTKW2 Kielwood Infused Shaft - 12.5mm

Pure X HXTKW2 Kielwood Infused Shaft - 12.5mm

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Introducing the Pure X Kielwood Carbon Fiber inFUZED shaft. Pure X is known for their technology and they have out done themselves with this one. They have mananged to bring kielwood and carbon fiber together and create the ultimate shaft. This is ultimately the best of both worlds as you have all the durability of carbon fiber with the sound and feel of a wooden shaft. This shaft delivers unparalleled performance on the table and doesn't disappoint. 


Tip: 12.5mm Kamui Brown Soft Tip
Ferrule: XTC Ferrule
Shaft: InFUZED hybrid of Solid Maple Kielwood and Carbon Fiber
Collar: Black 
Pin: 3/8x10, 5/16x18, 5/16x14, Radial, Turbo Lock, Uni-Loc