RT9 Designs

RT9 Designs Metallic Aluminum Art prints from New York artist Linda Pault’s Gameroom Collection. These stunningly elegant, naked (no frame), billiard themed art pieces are perfect to hang and enjoy for both home and commercial spaces.

The originals are hand painted, highly rendered works of art with Linda employing the Italian 'chiaroscuro' method of composition; using darks against lights. Those contrasts represented on the Hi-Res and Hi-Gloss metallic canvas work perfectly with the texture and shine to actually enhance the art in both color and classic black and white style options. “The images just pop off the wall”, says Pault “and with some clever lighting you can make magic happen!”

Choose the stunning, frameless wall hangings (30" x x15.5") with a backing that creates a 1 inch "floating" effect or the shelf art (15" x 8") that come with custom handmade bamboo display base starting at $99 including shipping.