Cuetec Cynergy 15k Carbon Composite Pool Cue Shaft- 11.8mm

Cuetec Cynergy 15k Carbon Composite Pool Cue Shaft- 11.8mm

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Cuetec’s Cynergy 15K Carbon Composite shafts are unsurpassed with their combination of performance and feel!  Constructed with alternating 90 degree and 0 degree carbon lay, you get incredible strength and straightness in the shaft. A polyurethane foam core inside the shaft develops feedback and sound is dampened drastically by a hollowed-out section below the ferrule. This results in minimized cue ball deflection as well. Now available in a smaller diameter! Topped with a 11.8mm Tiger Sniper tip you can draw and apply english like a pro and have a tip that is going to last you many, many games. Plus, if the best player in the world, Shane Van Boening, endorses it you KNOW it’s top of the line!



Tip:   11.8mm Tiger Sniper w/black replacement layer   
Ferrule:   ¼" white sighting ferrule
Shaft:  29" 15K Carbon Composite with 15 ½" Super-Slim 9.6 inch elongated Pro Taper 
Pin Sizes:  Uniloc, Radial, 3/8 x 14 (CT/SCO) 20mm legacy style, 3/8 x 14 Cynergy 21.3mm (original Cynergy cues), 3/8 x 14 Cynergy/AVID 21.3mm (fits all Cynergy and AVID cues with thin black collar), 5/16 x 18, 5/16 x 14, 3/8 x 10, 3/8 x 11.
Measurement:   All diameters are set to 21.3mm/.840" at the joint EXCEPT the 3/8x14 (CT/SCO) which are set at 20mm/.800" to match the legacy Cuetec/Scorpion joint size 
Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty
Maintenance:  Clean with Isopropyl alcohol and a soft, microfiber cloth