Dr. Dave's Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball DVD Bundle

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We now have another complete DVD bundle set from Dr. Dave Alciatore! This series details the game of 8-ball. Each DVD focuses on key points for the game along with great visualizations and demonstrations. Whether you are an experienced player and need some extra insights, or perhaps you're a beginner and need help winning matches, this DVD bundle is your key to success. Even Tom Simpson had this to say about the set: "In my opinion, this is the greatest resource for players ever created. Packed with knowledge, clear demonstrations, simple explanations, and good pool sense." The DVD Bundle includes the following DVD's: Disc I - Game Stragety Disc II - Position Play and Shot Types Disc III - Safety Play Disc IV - Advanced Play and Strategy Disc V - Run-Out Examples

Additional Info

Format: 5 seperate DVD's 
Runtime:                                Total run time of all DVD's is roughly 274 minutes 

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