"Shoot Out" Shelf Art with Display - Rich Color

"Shoot Out" Shelf Art with Display - Rich Color

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It was a time when a man and his cuestick had a single purpose...a 'kill or be killed' mentality. The possibility of intimidating your opponent was remote. Though hustling ran rampant, anything that smacked of bluff or bragging was left to the ignorant or those careless of their lives. “It all ends now!” says Wyatt Earp as we bring you back to the wild west and the stormy game at the OK Corral! We go to 'the break' of Doc Holliday, the Assassin and Wyatt Earp charging... “kill 'em all!”

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  • 15.5" wide x 8" tall with a 8" Bamboo display
  • HD aluminum printing
  • Art ready to be displayed on a gameroom shelf or table!