Hill Hill - A Card-Based Billiards Strategy Game

Hill Hill - A Card-Based Billiards Strategy Game

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"Hill Hill" is a FUN new way to play and learn billiards with friends or solo! This card-based game features 75 unique cards with challenging run out and skill test (e.g., breaking, bank shots) scenarios that the player must successfully complete to gain the card/points. "Bridge", "Scratch", and "Shootout" cards are also floating around the deck to step up the strategy and the entertainment!
This game is appropriate for players of all skill levels combining skill, strategy, and just enough luck to give each game played a unique feel with new sets of challenges to overcome. It's also an excellent resource for developing pattern play and other skills that you need to perform at your best when in similar situations in leagues and tournaments. Whether you're focusing on taking the next step as a billiards player, or just seeking a new game to play with a few friends, Hill Hill is a great new way to get on the table and have fun.

Check out the Hill Hill Expansion Pack for continuous fun! 


About The Game

  • 75 unique cards (2.5" x 3.5")
  • "Run Cards" feature run out challenges with 3 levels of difficulty. More points awarded for successfully completing the harder ones
  • "Challenge Cards" are individual skill test challenges like Breaking, bank shots, lags, and more!
  • "Shoot Out Cards" are an opportunity to call out an opponent to make a shot that you make first. Like a one letter version of H.O.R.S.E
  • "Scratch Cards" are permanent disadvantages that make your path to the hill more difficult
  • "Bridge Cards" are lifelines that either help you or hurt an opponent
  • Customizable options for Solo play and competing with all skill levels
  • 1 - 8 Players age 8+