Meucci BMC Casino 4 Pool Cue

Meucci BMC Casino 4 Pool Cue

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The Gambler. Casino. Power Piston. High Pro. All these names coincide with Meucci Cues and everyone knows someone with a Meucci cue or would love to purchase one. If you are a fan of the Casino cue, then you have to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Meucci's Casino 4 MECAS04 pool cue. Warm and rich is the tone with this cue as the 48 inlaid bronze Paua shells behind the royal flush of Hearts in the butt sleeve. Above and below the cards are 6 bronze Paua shell dice housed with 24 small brass rectangles in a ring, and the dice are outlined in imitation ivory. The same 24 small brass rectangle rings also appear in the forearm and connect to the points. The Meucci MECAS04 pool cue has a beautiful ivory colored Power Piston sleeve with 4 inlaid bronze Paua shell points outlined in black veneers, alternating with longer bronze Paua shell lines outlined in black veneers leading up into a spade, heart, diamond and club. The playing cards on the sleeve may vary from cue to cue. For more information on a specific cue, call in at 866-843-3294


Tip: 12.5mm Ultra Skin medium
Ferrule: 1/2" Hydraulic Ferrule
Shaft: The Pro Shaft
Collar: Cream with imitation ivory and 6 bronze Paua shell Casino dice
Pin: 5/16x18
Piloted: No

Ivory colored Power Piston handle with 4 inlaid bronze Paua shell points with black veneers alternating with bronze Paua shell lines with black veneers leading into each suit of cards as a point

Rings: 24 small brass rectangle rings
Wrap: Urethane coated white with brown speck Irish linen wrap
Sleeve: 48 inlaid bronze Paua shell inlays behind a royal flush of Hearts cards, with small brass rectangle rings
Plate: Cream with Black BMC Logo
Bumper: Black Rubber Plug
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes