Mezz Ignite 12.2mm Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft

Mezz Ignite 12.2mm Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft

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The 12.2mm Miki (Mezz) Ignite shaft features the finest Japanese aerospace grade carbon fiber material engineered and built with Miki's renowned precision and technical excellence. The Ignite Composite Laminate Technology (ICLT) consists of silencer foam, IG Plate Ferrule and IG Tip Plate for reduced cue ball deflection and increase stability, feel, power and control. The vibration dampening core gives the shaft flexibility where it's needed and cuts out unwanted feedback while providing optimum flex with less tip end mass reducing deflection down to be almost none existent. You can't find a better pool cue shaft!

The Miki Ignite shaft is available in two joint options: Mezz Wavy joint and the Mezz United joint. The United joint happens to be a modified 5/16x14 and we can confirm that the United joint will fit on Joss and Schon cues! 


Tip: 12.2mm Zan Plus2 medium plus the IG Tip Plate
Ferrule: IG Plate ferrule
Shaft: 29" carbon fiber composite with proprietary silencer foam
Collar: black
Pin Options: Mezz Wavy joint, Mezz United joint (5/16x14)
Piloted: Yes, on United
Rings: None
Warranty: Limited Lifetime