Pagulayan Blue Chalk

Pagulayan Blue Chalk

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Now introducing Pagulayan Chalk! I'm sure you've heard of the Canadian pool player, Alex 'The Lion" Pagulayan. He's a beast at the table and knows his stuff. This chalk is his most trusted formula and gives the best chalk experience around. This chalk has a gritty texture and was made to be long lasting, it sticks to the tip extremely well so there is no need to chalk up after each shot. The grip enhancement is out of this world as it adheres exceptionally well, providing consistent friction between the tip and cue ball. Everyone hates a messy chalk. Good thing this one is clean and stays where it belongs rather than ending up absolutely everywhere. Comes in a standard square shape to fit many chalk holders!


Cubes: One Single Cube 
Color: Blue
Texture: Gritty