Octagon Wood Pocket Chalker

Octagon Wood Pocket Chalker

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There hasnt been many chalkers available for the octagon chalk, and here is a great design made of wood.  These exotic wood chalkers come in various stains and colors.  The vinyl holder will keep your chalk safe and the wood stick is long enough to fit in your back pocket and easy to pull out for those times you need to chalk the cue. They also feature a heavy duty steel link system to reduce breakage.


Material:  Exotic or Birch Wood

Colors:  Exotic Wood in Bocote, Cocobolo /Birch Wood in Blue & Yellow, Bumblebee, Cotton Candy, Fire, Grey & Blue, Pink, Rainbow, Red & Black, Sunburst, and Black & White

Use:  Chalk cue on a stick for Octagon chalk, chalk not included