Mezz Zan Plus Premium Tip (Single)

Mezz Zan Plus Premium Tip (Single)

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ZAN Tips are the high quality tips you know and love now in a premium version! ZAN tips are well known for the solidity and high elasticity which decreases any hardening or stiffening of the tip. no need to sacrifice any control or grip with a ZAN Premium tip. 

GRIP HARD - Made of highest grade Japanese pig skin. New dying method to allow the tip hold to the cue ball longer creating more spin. Creates more ball control!

HYBRID MAX -Combination of medium and hard pig skins. Medium is the contact area, leather is used in the core section of the tip.

PREMIUM SOFT - Highest grade of Japanese pig skins. Special treatment causes the tip to maintain shape, structure and performance longer.


Size: 14mm Pure Japanese Pig skin 
Hardness: Premium Soft, Grip Hard, Hybrid MAX
Tips per Box: 1
Materials: 9 layered Pure Pig Skin from the Back of the Pig
Color: Black