Molinari Pool Cue Extension

Molinari Pool Cue Extension

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Check out the 7 inch Molinari forward pool cue extension that happens to have its own unique set up. The forward extension has the same bayonet style metal joint as its extendable counterpart; however the anodized cyan blue metal collar sets this extension apart from others on the market for sure – signature color of the current Molinari products and logo. With a leather wrap to it, the extension is easy to hold and goes on and off your cue with ease and weighs roughly 5.65oz. Plus this extension will fit perfectly in the longer accessory pocket of your cue case.


Units:                                              1 piece
Length<:                                     Extends up to 7"
Fits: All Molinari Cues
Hardware: Aluminum insert, key, and two rubber bumpers.