Quic Slick Shaft Maintenance System

Quic Slick Shaft Maintenance System

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The QuicSlick shaft maintenance system is the best way to clean and polish. The key to the QuicSlick system is the pliable rubber sanding block that dispurses the pressure evenly across the burnishing papers while at the same time allowing for changes in the shaft taper. This give the most consistent burnish and removes the absolute minimal amount of wood in getting your shaft slick and ready for the next match. Comes with three reusable micron rated film, waterproof sheets in each of the three different grades (Coarse Blue, Medium Green and Fine Yellow).


Includes: 1 QuicSlick Sanding Block 3x Coarse (Blue), 3x Medium (Green), 3x Fine (Yellow)
Use: To clean and polish shafts

1. Load one sheet of Blue abrasive into the QuicSlick cue burnishing block by completely inserting the sides of the film first. The film will extend 1/8 inch beyond the end of the QuicSlick burnisher. Then push the center of the film into the center of the QuicSlick.

2. Place the QuicSlick on the shaft

3. Lightly squeeze the QuicSlick in one hand and the joint end of the shaft with the other hand. Use an up, down, and circular motion while sliding the shaft until the abrasive is loaded with debris or until adequate shaft coverage is obtained. Repeat with a new sheet if adequate coverage is not obtained.

4. Replace the Blue sheet with a green sheet and repeat step 3.

5. Replace the green sheet with a yellow sheet and repeat step 3.

1 After the first use, select the starting color based on the extent of shaft contamination and roughness.

2. Before reusing film sheets, use a stiff brush to clean the debris off each film sheet while flushing the sheet under running water and let dry.