The Sleeve

The Sleeve

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Do you hate wearing a glove but need something to make sure you are getting a smooth, slick stroke despite humidity or sticky hands? The Sleeve by Billiard Engineering is your solution! Designed to replace the billiard glove, this 4” sleeve is engineered to achieve the least static and dynamic frictional coefficients (that's science talk for "it slides really well") and it comes with two different size bands to accommodate shafts 12mm and larger.

In addition to working great for the break and other shots requiring a closed bridge, The Sleeve also makes the shaft slightly larger so it's a good option for those with handicaps like arthritis. It may take a few hours to get used to the feel but once you do you'll never want to shoot without it AND... no more messy powders or soggy gloves!


Color: Black and White 
Function:                              Alternative to a billiard glove
Size: 4" 
Includes:                              5 Sleeve Slats, 3 Small Diameter Bands, 3 Large Diameter Bands and assembly instructions