Summit Multi -Tool

Summit Multi -Tool

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The Summit Multi-Tool gets its name from being at the summit of all tip tools! This unique and highly effective tool is the only tip tool on the market that is made entirely of metal so it is long lasting and durable. And with an added bonus, the Summit Multi-Tool is available in different colors: Black, Blue, Red and the classic Gold. This 5-in-1 tool is incredibly versatile. It includes both nickel and dime radius shaper's, a tip tapper, burnisher, and edge trimmer. What else could you need? And still the perfect size to stick in your pool cue case or your pocket. And how about refills for the abrasive surfaces? We have you covered on those as well.


Colors: Black, Blue, Gold and Red
Material: Metal
Features: Nickel and Dime Shaper, Tip Tapper, Edge Trimmer and Burnisher