Tip Caps - 4 assorted sizes

Tip Caps - 4 assorted sizes

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In the enchanted realm of billiards, where cues and tips weave their magic, Tip Caps emerge as the guardians of elegance and protection. These whimsical little caps, crafted with meticulous care, hold the key to preserving the essence of your cue's tip. With their assorted sizes, they effortlessly embrace tips of all dimensions, each cap a snug haven for your cue's delicate soul. As you embark on your cue's journey through the realms of cue balls and pockets, let the Tip Caps be your trusted companions, shielding your tip with a touch of enchantment and ensuring every shot is imbued with finesse and grace.


Tip Caps - 4 assorted sizes (6 pieces)
1 Blue - Small
2 Red - Medium
2 White - Large
1 Yellow - X Large