G2 Pool Cue Tip (Single)

G2 Pool Cue Tip (Single)

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I always thought that Japan was known for making electronics, but apparently it's all about the pool cue tips over in the Land of the Rising Sun. First it was Moori, then Kamui and now we've got the supremely awesome G2 pool cue tip.

The new G2 (or is it G Squared) pool cue tips feature 8 layers of treated pigskin and are available in soft, medium and hard varieties. As with most premium billiards tips, the G2's are 14mm, so you can trim them down to match the size of your shaft. From a playability perspective, they're on par with Moori and Kamui.


Size: 14mm Leather
Hardness: Hard, Medium and Soft
Hardness Score: Soft-74.8, Medium-80.2, Hard-85.5
Tips per Box: 1
Materials: High quality 8 layered pig skin
Color: Brown