Tiger Icebreaker Plus Pool Cue Tips (Box of 12)

Tiger Icebreaker Plus Pool Cue Tips (Box of 12)

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Looking for a premium pool cue tip for your break cue and want to buy them by the box? Tiger's Icebreaker Plus Break Jump Tip offers better break and jump performance thanks to it's hybrid resin construction! The Icebreaker Plus is extremely hard and effortlessly transfers energy, making it ideal for both breaks and jumps, while reducing the chances of a miscue. Also, the unique resin blend will not damage the cue ball! 12 Icebreaker Plus tips per box.


Tip Sizes:        14.5mm Hybrid Construction
Hardness:        Very Hard
Hardness Score:        99+
Tips per Box:        12
Materials:         Hybrid Resin/Fiber