ACPRND Action Piping - 1x2 - Round Hard Case

ACPRND Action Piping - 1x2 - Round Hard Case

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In a world where colors speak volumes, the Action 1x2 hard case emerges as a beacon of individuality. Each case, a canvas of vibrant expression, stands alone in its mesmerizing shade. The blue whispers tales of tranquility, while the green radiates a sense of nature's embrace. Pink evokes a playful spirit, while purple dances with regal grace. Red ignites passions, and yellow illuminates with its sunny charm. Encased within this vivid palette, your cue finds refuge, cocooned in a zip-around cylinder that guards with unwavering dedication. With the Action 1x2 hard case, your style takes center stage, as you embark on billiards adventures that mirror the vibrant hues of your cue's sanctuary.


Action Cue Cases
Shape: Round
Material: Vinyl
Pocket: 5" Long X 3" Wide
Case Length: 33.5" Long
Structure: Poured Rubber mold casing
Lining: Felt
Strap: 1" Wide Adjustable Vinyl Strap
Direction: Shaft inserts either way
Butt: Butt inserts either way
Fits up to: 30" Shaft
Weight: 1.10 LBS