Poison POCAR22 Black 2x2 Hard Case

Poison POCAR22 Black 2x2 Hard Case

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In the realm where cues find refuge and aspirations are kindled, the 2x2 Poison hard case emerges as a striking sentinel of style and protection. Fashioned in a captivating symphony of black and red; or red and black. Its visage evokes a daring spirit and fierce determination. With resolute precision, it enfolds your cherished cues, their vibrant energy contained within its fortified walls. Whether navigating the paths of victory or embarking on the pursuit of mastery, the 2x2 Poison hard case stands steadfast, safeguarding your cues against the tides of fate. Let your cues embark on their journey, nestled within the embrace of this remarkable case, their essence shielded by its resolute strength and unwavering loyalty.


Colors: Black w/ red accents
Shape: Oval
Material: Nylon armor molded
Pockets: 1 large 16" pocket with side pouch for jump butt & small front pouch
Base: Black plastic feet
Length: Fits up to 31" shaft
Structure: Poured rubber mold casing
Lining: Felt/soft cloth
Direction: Shaft inserts either way
Butt: Butt inserts either way
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer